by Thomas Gerwitz

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released September 13, 2016

Thomas Gerwitz: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards/Strings, Drum Production
Recorded by Thomas Gerwitz
Mixed and Mastered by Thomas Gerwitz and Scott Nadolinski

Guest Musicians:
Kevin Gramza
Jim Gerwitz

Album Artwork by Autumn McGee



all rights reserved


Thomas Gerwitz Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Monachopsis
Why must we always look back
It's hard to let it go
You left me wading through the gripping dark
Only to slight my heart

All that I see
Makes me want to forfeit my memory
All that I lack
No delusion of ever going back

And I'm saying nothing with every word
So please tell me exactly what you've heard
And I've got a box of memories
Should I bury them beneath the sea

All that I see
Let me forfeit my memory
All that I know
Shows that we will never, ever grow
All that will be
Pushing past the periphery
All that will end
It's funny how we all seem to pretend
Track Name: On A Rainy Day
You've got me hanging on
Don't know what I'm holding onto
Just keep pulling me along
And push me deeper underground

I'll never be good enough for you
But what makes you really think I care
I'll never mean anything to you
So don't call me on a rainy day

I won't show my face
Or fake another smile
And I won't speak another word
I'll simply disappear

You're just like my very last cigarette
You're great while you last, but you're burning up
I'd like to fill my lungs with you
But I like you better on the exhale

Turn your head
Did you make them all feel dead
Just stop and turn to see
This is all your life will ever be
This is nothing new
Did I ever mean a thing to you
So don't call me, it's raining
Track Name: Blackwell
Another day
The cold's collapsing
All around me
No feeling there
It's all been taken away
But it's okay

Sometimes I find it hard to find
What's worth waking up for
Sometimes I find it hard to try

When everybody fades who do you trust
I barely know myself
When my shadow leaves
I'm all alone again

I saw you there
Without a care
Waiting for me with that look in your eyes
We sat together
And spoke for a while
But now that time is gone, and I'm alone
Track Name: Wayfarer
I reached my hand out
But no one was around
The sun is setting on this town
Closer now to the silvery cloak of the moon
Further from the light in your eyes
That used to feel like home

Sought shelter, none to be found in your eyes
My fears found me no comfort in your smile
As the daylight fades from where I roam
I'll find another way home

Show me, where are you now
Where were you when I lost my way
Please don't feed me lies
Shallow breathes and a late night lullaby
Track Name: Seven Years Since Then
Who am I
Trying to capture, in essence
The reason I'm undermined
I still try to bury the hopeless remains
Of a fractured tie
Left in my eyes
There's nothing here for me to try
But forget the past

Where am I
It's taken all of my strength and quite some time
To figure out
There's still beauty in this world
If you take the time to look
And forget the troubles of a broken heart
It's time to move on

Somewhat misguided to where we stand
Holding the world in the palms of our hands
Silver and copper will never be gold
Don't let me know, I have nowhere to go

Seven years since then
I've had time to clear my cloudy head
Seven years since then
Track Name: Like Smoke From A Candle's Light
Not much left here
I've packed it all away
That empty bottle can't help today
I've tried to rearrange the room
It still feels the same
Maybe I'm the one to blame

Lay in bed til noon
I'm in no rush to be awake
Nothing matters anyway
So what's the point

I'd like to drift away
Like the smoke from a candle's light
Can't find me there
I won't be anywhere

I feel, I suppose
Empty and cold, alone
Trace the fading sun
Collapse into the fading light

Feel the sun die
Watch it slowly
Cloak the sky
Into the night

Turn away
Watch the leaves fall
Turn away
Feel the sun die
Track Name: Just A Phase
Slip beneath the waves
It's all just a phase
Slip beneath the waves
Your life is just a phase
Track Name: In The Ashes Of Life
The days keep speeding by
Like an automobile on the freeway going south
I've learned you'll never fly
So forget what you've been told
And the weather man can't keep you up to date
Those clouds don't only follow you
We all like to say that we feel no pain
But we're all under the rain

Can you feel it anymore
Those days were all I waited for

Did you let it slip away
Beneath the waves of yesterday
I don't know which way to go
Maybe I'll never know
Still there's comfort while hiding in the shade
Sometimes it's good to get away
I've wasted all those years stuck inside my head
Not living life instead

Can you feel it anymore
Those days were all I waited for
Drifting through a dream
Memories by the sea

As the sun rose on that Sunday morning
She turned to me
"Don't let the days pass by waiting on life to change"